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Hairtage was founded in 2022 by Dr. Kelly-Ann McCleary a doctor of behavioral health who specializes in protecting Black women from conditions caused by toxic hormone disruptors in our environment.

Dr. K is a force to be reckoned with, taking the beauty industry by storm and leading the charge to empower Black women to take control of their health and transform their lives. Overcome by the troubling statistics about Black women's health outcomes, Dr. K is doing all she can through Hairtage to change this reality. She is all about disrupting all that is normal, so reforming the beauty industry is a a tough challenge but not out of the ordinary for her. 

As a doctor of behavioral health and health equity advocate, she's all about delivering accessible and helpful information to all Black women so they can make informed choices that won't compromise their health.

Dr. K's motto is that if you fix your behaviors you can fix your life. She Empowers all Black women to take charge of their health by being aware of what they put into and on their bodies. 

Right now, she's working alongside the California Black Health Network and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics on their Non Toxic Black Beauty Initiative, all thanks to a grant-funded initiative by the The California Environmental Protection Agency.

Stay tuned for Dr. K's upcoming research project, the Black Health Literacy Project (BHLP), that's set to shake things up in the beauty industry! The BHLP will be published in 2023 and has already inspired Black beauty brands to step up and prioritize the health of their customers. As they should.


It's more than just hair,